Next generation, decision enhancing smart technology

Real-time 4D mapping of plant equipment to review, analyse and predict performance onsite.

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Next generation, decision-enhancing smart technology

Accelerate onsite knowledge

Aquila links plant equipment to your project work programme using 4D BIM technology, showing real-time activity to accelerate your understanding of onsite operations.

Real-time 4D mapping of plant equipment to review, analyse and predict performance onsite

Data capture

Gain access to live data to capture onsite performance of plant equipment, from operational activity to emissions output.

Review activity

Analyse performance to assist in decision-making, equipment tracking, positioning and mapping to project tasks.

Predict performance

Predict performance

Using equipment tracking data to predict future efficiency savings in performance when in-use, downtime, positioning and emissions.

Designed to fight climate change

The construction industry is a major contributor to environmental emissions due to the extensive use of plant equipment. Aquila identifies ways to reduce emissions of such equipment by monitoring emissions output and changing future workflows patterns to be more energy efficient.

Unleash machine learning capabilities

Machine Learning algorithms will extract knowledge from the tracked data, optimising the project model to reach top performance whilst enabling seamless deployment of the plant equipment for current and future projects.

The Aquila state of readiness

Aquila will be the most pioneering, intuitive software platform for offering real-time review and analysis of site operations and plant equipment performance you have ever witnessed. And it’s coming to a project near you soon. Only a little longer to wait, but we guarantee it will be worth it!